Notes from the President


Our mission. …working together to preserve, protect and enhance the Fairhaven Neighborhood.

These are some of the recent ways we are fulfilling our mission.

The 2018 Plant and Tree Sale

Blessed with the stellar leadership of Lisa Heisey, participation of solid small local nurseries and volunteers framed in sunny weather we had a banner year.

This year we shared the proceeds of the sale with two local nonprofits: Growing Veterans and Growing Alliances. Thank all of you for coming and buying plants that helps us to fulfill our mission. See you at the 31st annual Fairhaven Plant and Tree Sale 10 – 3 pm March 30 2019.

The gift of a two-hour workshop funded by Whatcom Community Foundation Comfort with Conflict

Facilitated by Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center on May 2 7-9 pm at Chuckanut Center.

Protecting Padden Creek

You have probably written a comment about the inappropriate proposed development for two townhouses on banks of Padden Creek at 1507 & 1509 8th Street aka 800-810 Larrabee, if not you still can. A huge objection by neighbors and beyond of the inappropriateness of this proposed development, in this place, the comment period has been extended to May 15, 2018. Contact Drue Robinson, a neighbor, who has led the opposition to this development for more information. It does not preserve or protect our neighborhood including Padden Creek. Drue can be reached at

Celebrate the Chuckanut Community Forest aka Hundred Acre Woods

After many years, and many people, who worked tirelessly to make this property a public park, it is now a reality. Join the many at Chuckanut Center June 2  2:00 – 7:00 pm for music, naturalist guided walks and a pot luck supper. For details contact Vince Biciunas at