Notes from the President


Our mission. …working together to preserve, protect and enhance the Fairhaven Neighborhood.

Temporary Tiny House Encampment at 210 McKenzie Avenue

After listening to Rick Sepler, Planning Director, Lisa Pool, Senior

Planner, David Doll, Chief of Police, Jim Peterson, Homes NOW!

President and Rachel Duval, Homes NOW! Vice President, and asking

questions at our monthly meeting of June 5, Fairhaven Neighbors wrote

the following letter in support of Homes NOW!  application to operate

a temporary tiny house encampment in our neighborhood at 210 McKenzie


We encourage you to read the ordinance USE2019-0016 and SEP2019-0022 and check out send a comment regarding this neighborhood action. If you choose to comment, you can send a written comment to by June 14, 5 pm.

FYI, below is Fairhaven Neighbors’ Board support letter of Homes NOW!

Application to operate a temporary tiny house encampment at 210

McKenzie Avenue:

June 10, 2019

Rick Sepler, Director, Planning and Community Development Department

Lisa Pool, Planner

Dear Director Sepler and Planner Pool,

  Thank you for attending our Fairhaven Neighbors neighborhood

meeting on Wednesday, June 5th, and responding to our questions

concerning the permit application of Homes Now! to operate a

temporary tiny house encampment in our neighborhood at 210 McKenzie


    We understand that the temporary shelter permit, if approved,

will be issued to start on August 24, 2019, and will end on April 30,

2020, with no extension possible beyond April 30, 2020, according to

the Draft Preliminary Conditions provided to us to date.

    Homes Now! has done an outstanding job of managing two previous

encampments for the people experiencing homelessness and has been

successful in finding employment and permanent housing, the ultimate

goal. They have engaged social services where appropriate, taken care

of safety and health measures, enforced a code of conduct, complied

with state and county regulations, and procured liability insurance.

They have the support of Police Chief David Doll, and they have

skilled volunteers to assist in building the “tiny homes” proposed. Our understanding is that a primary focus of the Unity temporary homesite is a safe and clean environment for everyone in the neighborhood, with sensitivity to mitigate impacts to people, and the adjacent heron rookery, too.

    For these reasons and more, the Fairhaven Neighbors Board would

like to convey our support for this application. As a neighborhood

association, part of our mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance

Fairhaven for those who live and work here, and for those who come to

visit. We feel this temporary project will meet our neighborhood


    Regarding official notifications, we hope that in the future,

even when an ordinance is considered an emergency, we would receive

official notification beyond the legal notice requirements. Neighborhood communications could be more supportive and less confrontational, given a chance to hear the facts. We expect to be notified when any official actions such as notice of closure or any amendments to the Ordinance or Conditions occur.

  We wish Homes Now! and the people they serve every success.


Brooks Anderson, President Fairhaven Neighbors

cc:   Mayor Kelli Linville

      Bellingham City Council

  David Doll, Chief of Police

      Jim Peterson, Homes Now!

      Rachel Duval, Homes Now!

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