Notes from the President


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) have everyone's attention. There are

several meetings this week about them before the City Council makes a

decision. Many of you have been very active in learning about the

pluses and minuses, attached or detached and how will they affect single

family neighborhoods. Learn more, so you can make an informed comment

to the City Council before they make a policy decision.

Wednesday, November 15, 7pm Garden Street United Church, 1326 N. Garden Street. The Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition will premiere their 39 minute video entitled Don't Ballardize Bellingham with a discussion

to follow.

November 16, 7pm, City Council Chambers. Bellingham Planning Commission will have abrief work session to finalize reviewing he City's existing accessory dwelling unit (ADU) regulations, including a Detached ADU pilot program proposed by the Happy Valley Neighborhood Association.

December 7, 7pm, City Council Chambers. Public Hearing for the

consideration of amendments to the Bellingham Municipal Code relating

to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) including a detached ADU program

proposed by the Happy Valley Neighborhood Association. Also, related

amendments to BMC 20.30.100 and 20.32.110 to eliminate the required

10' garbage door setback from public alleys for detached accessory

buildings. There will be opportunity for public testimony at the


Next Steps:

At the conclusion of the public hearing, either an additional work

session will be announced, or the Planning Commission will make a

recommendation to the City Council. The Council will also hold a

public hearing prior to making a final decision. A separate notice

detailing the date and time will be sent out at least 30 days in