Notes from the President


Our mission. …working together to preserve, protect and enhance the Fairhaven Neighborhood.

Happenings around Fairhaven:

Hope you were one of over one hundred neighbors who came to the

neighborhood picnic on August 26. It was awesome. The food was

amazing. The music unmatched from previous picnics. Thanks to Laura

who got the musicians and Al, who set up and monitor the sound

system. So many volunteers made our picnic smooth and fun. The kids

of many ages were treated with games set up by Adrienne & Emma and

free books contributed by David Carlsen owner of Eclipse Books.

Thanks to the City of Bellingham for supplying tables and chairs &

more. If you missed it, come next year. If you were there, come next

year. It was such fun because of all of you.

A neighbor recently had a question of who to report the abuse of

using Padden Creek for illegal camping. You are encouraged to take

action if you see this. From past experience of one of our neighbors

the most effective outreach is to Claudia Vizcarra, Encampment

Cleanup Coordinator.

Two years ago our neighbor, Vince Biciunas, applied for a $2,000

grant from the City of Bellingham for Fairhaven Neighbors in

partnership with the Fairhaven Community Garden to be a demonstration

project for collecting rainwater. The tank & required plumbing was

recently installed at the Fairhaven Community Garden to water the

non- edible plants. Thank you, Vince for your persistent

participation. All we need now is rain.

-Jill Bernstein, an attorney, is offering a local criminal justice

system tour on September 6th. The tour will begin at 8:15 am and will gather in the rotunda of the Whatcom County Court house. It includes a visit to the Superior Court felony in-custody criminal docket, the jail, with jail staff available for questions. The tour will then proceed by private cars

(carpooling encouraged) to the jail work center on Division Street

for a tour of that facility and an explanation of our jail alternative programs. The tour will return to the jail for lunch (provided by Jill) with Chief Wendy Jones who is responsible for the jail operations.  At 2:30 the tour will return to Superior Court toobserve our drug court. If you areinterested, please email Jill at jbernstein020@gmail./com. The group will be on a first come first served basis.