Notes from the President


Big intersection improvements at 12th and Finnegan.  the vehicular street on 12th Street South of library will be replaced with small park. An improved sidewalk from Mill Street up 12th Street will be available. Vehicular traffic to library will enter off of Finnegan by re-establishment of an abandoned street North of Mill on Finnegan. This will eliminate a dangerous pedestrian cross walk at Finnegan and Mill. 

Big development on 12th between Mill and Harris which will change the look of Fairhaven Village. Parking is legal, while very limited. Phase I access is only off of 12th Street. Phase II is not under review at this time. Comments accepted until 7/21/2017  and or questions should be sent to Kathy Bell, Planner or 360 778-8347. See sketch posted on Fairhaven  bulletin board at 10th and Wilson.

Fairhaven Development status.pdf